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Aaron Chewning is an Atlanta-based comedic writer, director, and performer. His humor projects have been featured on CNN, GQ, ESPN radio, Bleacher Report, Relevant Magazine, Yahoo! Sports, FOX, and NBC. He is formally trained in film production, but he spends most of his time creating humorous content for his clients. That includes commercials, jingles, sketches, and social media content.

Brands like Twitter, AT&T, the Atlanta Braves, Jose Cuervo, Vine, NASCAR, Thrillist, CAFE, Catalyst Conference, Major League Soccer, Chick-Fil-A, BigStuf Camps, Fox Sports, NorthPoint Ministries and the Atlanta Dream have all trusted Chewning to take their humor-marketing to the next level. He is also a performer, which has taken him to stand-up comedy venues around the country and to big-stage hosting gigs for 3,000+ people.

He has an online community of more than 1.3 million followers. Check him out on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat: @aaronchewning

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