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Anna is a vibrant Bible Teacher whose passion is to teach, encourage and equip people everywhere to know Christ, walk in their divine destinies, and live the overcoming life found in Christ alone.

In addition to the life transforming truth, "Ye must be born again." (John 3:3), Anna says 'knowing who you are in Christ' and the truth that she learned early on in her Christian walk, that we are saved by grace and not of works' has literally revolutionized her life. (Ephesians 2:8-For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.)

Over ten years ago, what started out as a conference for teenage girls and young adults, (entitled 'Mirror Mirror'), has now grown into a full blown conference for both men and women and has taken on the new name of 'Kingdom Fest'! Hundreds upon hundreds of people are being reached for Christ through these conferences.

In addition to teaching, preaching, encouraging and equipping people, Anna has a passion to reach the lost for Christ.

Anna and her team travel as well as hold their own conferences here in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

"Coming Up Higher" - Every month Anna conducts a large meeting for women in the New Orleans area known as "Coming Up Higher". During these meetings, Anna brings a Word or a Message that God has laid on her heart! Women of all denominations attend and as Anna says, “We have a blast! Walls come down. The Word of God is shared. Strong friendships are formed. God's Presence is amazing and we once again get 'realigned' and 'positioned' to go back out and face this ‘ole world; renewed and refreshed in Him!"

Hands and Feet - At the close of 2010, Anna began having a tremendous 'burden' for the homeless population of the city of New Orleans, La. Says Anna, "I had an overwhelming ‘burden’ as I pictured men and women making their beds on the cold, cold sidewalks of the inner city streets of New Orleans, La. In particular, I could hardly keep from crying as I thought of how cold their 'hands' and their 'feet' must get! Hence, 'Hands and Feet'! She was able to form a partnership with her home church where volunteers meet regularly and fill goodie bags with socks, gloves, toothbrushes and sandwiches and distribute them to the homeless. *Please click the 'Hands and Feet' Menu Page on the website to view photos!

Radio - For nearly 10 years, off and on, Anna has been doing radio. She began in 2003 with "Hidden Riches from the Word of God" with Anna Donahue, and continued with "An Encouraging Word with Anna Donahue" thereafter. Anna is continuing her program, renaming her show, "A Future and A Hope" with Anna Donahue. These broadcasts are heard all throughout S.E. Louisiana. *Please click the Radio Menu Page on the Website and listen to any and all of Anna's broadcasts! She also continues to host and share her teachings on radio during the radio station's Share-A-Thon fund raisers. (Life Songs Radio, 89.1 FM)

Mini-book - Anna has two mini books, It's Time for A Fresh Start and 'DETERMINED!' Her 'DETERMINED' mini book is in its 2nd printing and accompanies her most recent Mirror Mirror 8 'DETERMINED' Women's Conference (which is also available on DVD). Anna and her team are currently working on a "Mirror Mirror" book with accompanying workbook. Anna has a 'library' of thorough notes in which she loves to offer her attendees whenever possible. She has CDs and DVD's of her teachings.

Bethesda College Instructor - Anna is in her 14th year as a Bible College Teacher for Bethesda College located at Victory Fellowship Church in Metairie, La.