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Lakewood Music is the sound of one church with many harmonies in one voice.

In the heart of America’s most diverse city, at Lakewood Church you’ll find a true representation of the kaleidoscope that is Houston, Texas. Known throughout the world as a model for amity and diversity, the Lakewood Church congregation is multi-generational and multi-ethnic with members from dozens of nations across the globe. And, in a time when many things try to divide us, Lakewood Music represents the unified Kingdom of God—in all of its unique styles, ethnicities, colors, and expressions.

The church of Jesus is one body, with one King, and one mission, but it manifests itself in a rich, vibrant tapestry of authentic worship, blending the hearts and lives of a contrastive collection of individuals with a singular unifying goal: to share Jesus with the world. Each week, Lakewood Music reaches thousands of people in Houston and surrounding areas, impacting the surrounding community through its outreach programs. Add to this the church’s television broadcast and social media reach, and the result is over 200 million households across six continents experience the message of hope Lakewood Music has been called to share.