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Matt Crocker is a Sydney based worship leader and songwriter who has grown up in Hillsong church. His younger years were spent playing the drums and learning how to write music in a band setting, where his love of songwriting was first sparked.

After being encouraged by Joel Houston and Marty Sampson to start writing for youth ministry, Matt began to take songwriting more seriously, and spent much of his teenage years learning how to write songs on his own. It was only years later, when he collaborated with other songwriters, that he saw the fruit of the time he had invested into songwriting in those early years.

10 years on since his first published song, and Matt has had the privilege of traveling the world with United and writing songs with influence that spans the globe. Now, at 28 years of age, Matt is happily married to his wife Breanna, and continues to write songs for Hillsong Church and UNITED, with the firm conviction that worship is able to unite the greater church and inspire the lost.