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After graduating high school, Peter packed up everything he had and moved to Chicago to continue jumping. Six months later, after gaining some valuable insight from an established professional, Peter was once again on the road, this time to Florida. Upon arriving in the sunshine state, many opportunities were available to perform and teach throughout the state. Rope Masters was officially born.

Going from a competitive and performance team to performing solo was a big change for Peter. The following 4 years were a bit grueling and unnerving as many things had to be changed, adjusted and tweaked to go from being just a face in the crowd to being 'it'. Dedication, drive and a true passion for what he was doing drove Peter to develop into the performer/speaker that he needed to be.

June 2002 caught Peter moving again as he headed from his training grounds in Florida to a new base of operations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Over the last few years, the Rope Masters program has strengthened from a heartfelt attempt at entertainment into one of the best programs currently available.
Peter has performed in many countries, including: Australia, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Peru and Sweden. He has also performed in almost every state in the U.S. as well as special performances at such venues as: Tivoli Gardens in Denmark, Sea World, Disney Land, Disney World and a Seattle Supersonics vs. Boston Celtics halftime show.