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I was raised on a farm in a small town in Southeast Missouri surrounded by a supportive family and an abundance of friends. Most of childhood and high school was devoted to athletics where I learned many lessons of the importance of a team, practice, discipline, respect, and hardwork. Music has not always been my passion. Infact, I was always the kid that never participated in music class or music performances. My music journey has been completely unplanned and my success continues to astound me. When I was 16 I picked my great grandfather's gibson.... out of tune and with 5 strings, I fell in love with the art of playing. I soon learned that I also had the God-given talent to sing along. My vision is to continue to grow and become stronger as a vocalist and songwriter. I want to deliver songs that make people feel them in their soul. Above all I want to stay true to my faith, the man I truly am, and the type of music I want to make without boundaries or conforming.