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The journey to Zealand has been a wild and adventurous one that no one anticipated. Led by Phil Joel,best known for his long-standing role as bass player and vocalist for the multi platinum-selling band Newsboys, the band has been faithfully traversing a road that has been as unscripted and unexpected as it has been ordained.

When Phil left Newsboys after 13 years, it wasn’t long before the phone started ringing and ministry opportunities began to emerge throughout the United States, NewZealand, Australia and even China. “Early on, I was asked to lead worship for a series ofyouth conferences,” shares Phil. “At first I wasn’t sure if I was the man for the job. I knew Iwanted to be involved in more hands-on ministry, but ‘worship leading’ wasn’t on myradar. I guess my radar doesn’t always match God’s. He’s sneaky like that.”

Without even realizing it, Phil’s perspective began to shift, opening his eyes to a new understanding about worship and his role in it. “It was like the lights came on for me,” he explains. “I realized that leading worship is all about leading people’s hearts to a place far beyond a stage or a melody. True worship isn’t just about a moment; it’s about a lasting movement in people’s lives.”

And for the past few years, Phil and fellow musicians, all who have been part of successful bands, have been operating “off the grid,” going where they have felt led,ministering where they have been invited, under the radar and outside of the spotlight. It’s been a season of growth and preparation for the next chapter, which is aptly entitledZealand Worship.

Regarding the bands’ name, Phil explains, “I’m from New Zealand but the name isn’t about a country; it’s a state – a state of being zealous for the ‘land’ God has for each one of us, starting with our relationship with Him. Leading worship from within this band has been the freshest and most invigorating ministry opportunity I’ve ever been a part of.”

Raucous, invigorating and deep, Zealand Worship is taking the next step as authentically as it can, staying true to their sound and their mission. “The focus isn’t on me or the bandand I love it! Hopefully we can be a part of a fire- starter movement of worship that goes beyond the sparks of a corporate worship moment to where people experience and enjoy God everyday,” says Phil.

Signing with Word Worship, a division of Word Entertainment, in May 2015 and ready to fan the flames, the band isn’t defining their music or their success by numbers or sales orby the collection of fans, but in a lasting experience that people can continue to live out in their everyday lives long after the night has ended.